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Ostroh Academy, 1576. The First University in Eastern Europe

The Academy activity is closely connected with the real historical surroundings of the then Ostroh (including the articles about the churches, the temples of different confessions, monasteries, Catholic and Hebrew schools, the fine arts, the architecture, arts and crafts, and music, especially about the Ostroh Tune). Special attention is paid to personal source studies, archeographical and historiographical articles and reviews about the researchers of Ostroh and the Academy history (among them are M.Maksymovych, Y.Perlstein, K.Kharlampovych, S.Kardashevych, I.Franko, M.Hrushevsky, A.Sendulsky, M.Tuchemsky, Y.Novytsky, I.Ohiyenko, Y.Isayevych). The history of Ostroh Academy, the stories about its scholars and graduates such as H.Smotrytsky and M.Smotrytsky, D.Nalyvaiko, K.Lukaris, A.Rymsha and others are considered in the context of the Ostroh print-shop activity. The story about Princes Ostrozhsky, especially Vasyl-Kostyantyn, who initiated the foundation of the Academy and the print-shop in Ostroh, and his niece Halshka - the patroness and sponsor of the Academy is of great concern in the book. Naturally, this edition calls a special attention to the role and importance of Ostroh in the history of Ukraine in the 16th century until the first half of the 17th century. Remote past and the ideas of the Academy are closely connected just in the first article of the Encyclopaedia concerning the history and the present day of Ostroh Academy. Intensive regional ethnography studies, which were undertaken at the beginning of the 20th century (Prices Ostrozhsky Brotherhood) and at the end of the same century (Heritage Brotherhood named after Prince Ostrozhsky), are considered in the sense of preserving and developing the Ostroh Academy traditions, educational and scientific activities. The book includes worth-while bibliographical information and illustrations to the articles. This edition will not only favour the popularization of the Ostroh Academy history and its achievements, but it will also become a certain incentive for further scientific studies.

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