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Count Potocki Palace in Tulchyn - an Architectural Monument of the 18th cen
06.07.2014, 18:19

The palace of the Potocki family was built in the centre of Tulchyn in 1782. Its project was developed by a French architect Lacroix. Exept the palace itself, the architectural ensemble includs also a theatre (rebuilt), a riding house, stables, a Turkish bath-house, greenhouses, the residential and subsidiary rooms, and two outbuildings. The palace is planned as a suite of rooms. Arcitectural decorations have not remained, exept in the entrance hall of the main building. The wide stairs go to the second floor, to former ballrooms. Some buildings faced the street - it was a part of the city architecture.

The ensemble was surrounded by the Khoroshe park. The park was built up in the 1782. There were lakes and chennels, sculptures and fountains. Near Tulchyn, Felix Szczesny Potocki had one more palace, much smaller though. A legend tells that the palace were connected by an underground passage, and it was wide enough for a four-hors carriage to pass through.

The palace history primarily relates to the name of Stanislavw Shchensny (Felix) Potocki (1751-1805) - one of the richest Polish magnates, and a politician. His parents were Francishek Salesa and Anna Elgbetha Potocki. They hoped their son would be a great person, and take a throne of Rzech Pospolita (Polish Republic). In 1780, Stanislaw and and his second wife Jusefa settled in Tulchyn. Stanislaw Potocki brought there a rich library from Khrystinopol. His family enriched it significantly. In 1786, he started to build a Domonican Catholoc church near the palace. He lived a luxurious life, and had a rich court. The Tulchyn estate was called "The Podolian Versailles". Previously modest town bacame a lively city with factories manufacturing cloth, linen, saddles, carts and firearms. Stanislaw was known as a good manager and kind landlord, "a real local philantropist". S. Potocki was one of the leaders of Torgovytska Confederation. He was a General in Chief in Russian Empire. When he married a famous beauty Sophia (in Uman he built Sofiyivka park for her), they lived in Tulchyn. He died and was buried there.

In 1854-1856, during the Crimean War, 50 rooms in Tulchyn palace outbuildings wereused as a hospital. In 1878 the Potocki family left Tulchyn, and the palace was managed by the military department. In 1911 the palace and its large garden was used as barracks by 76 Kuban Infantry Regiment of Russian army. In 1918-1974 the palace was used by various military units. In 1975 it was restored. It has been used as a City Cultural and Educational School since.

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