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This is a true story which dates to the days of Pericles

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In the first centuries AD, the residents of the Crimea met with another barbarian people that called itself Sauromatians or Sarmatians. They were nomads with language and lifestyle similar to Scythian. There is a legend stating that the Sarmatians descended from the Scythians and woman warriors, the Amazons.

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From the seventh to the fourth century BC the steppes between the Don and Danube, as well as the North Caucasus, were populated by the nomads, known to the Greeks and Romans as "Scythians," though they called themselves the "Skolotoi." The Scythians was the name of a union of tribes including royal Scythians and Scythians who till the ground, nomad Scythians, Kallipidai, Alazones, and others. They spoke a language that belonged to the Iranian group.

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In the early first millennium BC, tools, weapons and other artefacts of iron were distributed in the lands north of the Black Sea. Iron ore could be discovered everywhere, and iron ware are much more manufacturable and efficient than bronze tools. That was the reason why iron rapidly replaced bronze that thenceforth was used to produce only ornaments and some types of weapons like arrowheads or scales of armour. The Early Iron Age came.

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Ukraine General History

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