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Countess Maria Shcherbatova Palace
22.07.2014, 19:10

Nemyriv is a town with an old and extremely rich history. In the 18th century the Potocki family lived there. In 1894, a new palace was started in the location of the former palace owned by Count B. Potocki. That was the initiative of the Countess Maria Shcherbatova, the Count's granddaughter. A Czech architect Irzhi Stibral developed the project of the palace. The construction process lasted from 1894 to 1900. In 1912-1914 an architect I. Fomin finished the palace. It is in the neoclassic style, and it has an effective park facade. The Countess was a famous patron of arts; she contributed to the town's development and supported the local manufacturing. In the palace there was a collection of the canvases painted by the famous European and Russian artists. When M. Shcherbatova died, in 1921, the collection was nationalized, and now those canvases are the most important items in the display of Vinnytsya Arts Museum. In 1921, a sanatorium was founded in the palace. The palace is surrounded with the park. The park was founded in 1787 by V. Pototsky, and many gardeners had worked on its development: Senngolz from Vienna, E. Pinaert van Niert from Brussels, F. Tomajer from Prague, and also R. Rykhvinskiy and the Countess' daughter O. Shcherbatova.

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