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Hermann Goering Headquarters (Göring's Feldkommandostelle "Steinbruch"), 1942
09.07.2014, 23:05

Not far from Hitler's Wehrwolf was constructed a headquarter for Reichs Marschall Hermann Goering, named "Shteinbruch" (quarry). This object was designed for Luftwaffe staff placing, which was under Goering's leadership. It was used only from July 28th, 1942 until October 31st, 1942.

Complex existed the main bunker of 45 square meters and 12 standard barracks of 300 square meters each. The headquarter was disguised very well. It had also a direct phone connection with Hitler's Wehrwolf headquarter. 2,8 km of railroad tracks leaded from the main railway line into the forest, where was built 400 meters special platform for the train of Goering. Some researchers think that Göring lived in his train here, which was connected to the fresh water and sewage systems. 

Chief Architect-Designer of the object Schmelcer controlled all date about the construction very well. Accordance of his documents there was only one concrete bomb shelter made of 800 cubic meters concrete (a Type 102 V with 42,5 m² "Nutzfläche" [floor space]). Schmelcher explains in detail all buildings, construction, energy- and water sources, security etc.

The personnel of the headquarters consisted of 4 generals, 40 officers, 350 soldiers and 3 stuff helpers (total 397 persons). 

On September 6th, 1942, Heinrich Himmler met Hermann Goering in this special train "Asien" (Asia) for the consideration from 11.30AM until 06.00PM 



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