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Historic and Ethnographic Monuments of Vinnytsya Region
05.07.2014, 11:31

There are extremely interesting settlements, especially for ethnographers. Those locations are presented in the Local Lore Museum exposition and publications. Moreover, the museum is located in the territory of the monument of the national importance known as Vinnytsya Walls. It's a unique historical, cultural and architectural monument, and one of the city's most ancient buildings. The complex of buildings and the wall remains named "Walls" consists of a tower and former Dominican and Jesuitic monasteries. 

The Walls age starts in the early 17th century, when Vinnytsya became an administrative and economic centre of Bratslav province. About 4000 people lived there. They were en- gaged in crafts and trade. During the siege, the Dominican and Jesuitic monasteries were parts of a united defensive system. Army units defended the walls, and the people hid behind them. As a defensive system, the Walls functioned in the 17th - the early 18th cent. 

A Jesuit monastery was built in 1611, and V. Kalinovskiy, a churchwarden from Bratslav, provided the financial support for it. The wooden building was burned down in the town fire in 1613. In the 18th cent, the monastery was built again of stone and brick. In the main building there is a church, a collegium with the baroque fronts and counter forts in the southern part (it's a State Archives in Vinnytska oblast now), the cells of the 18th-19th cent (a Museum of Local Lore in Vinnytska oblast).

The Dominican monastery was started in 1624. It was wooden, but in 1760 it was rebuilt of brick. The Catholic church (the Saint Transfiguration church now), (he cells and stables have remained. The defensive walls are mostly ruined, and only a corner southwest tower have remained. Historical sites in Chetvertynivka village (Trostyanets district) relate to the events of the national liberation movement under Bogdan Khmelnytskiy. 

In this area, in a field at the Batih River, Ukrainian troops annihilated the Polish army in May, 1652 (historians named this battle "the Cannes of the 17th cent.").

In 1996 a stele was placed in the field where the fight took place. A Cossack well has remained there. 

The Village History Museum was established in 1990. It presents the items of local lore and paleontological findings. 

The memorials in Krupoderyntsi village (Pohrebyshche district) make up a complex. The estate (the mid-19th century) was purchased by the Count Mykola Ignatiyev (1832-1908) in 1880. He was a diplomat and a politician in Russian Empire, and he is known to fight for independence of Bulgaria from Turkish domination. In 1895 the Count started to build a church with a crypt. Its project was developed by O. Pomerantsev. The church was a small copy of the temple in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. M. Ignatiyev was buried in the crypt. Only a water-mill built in 1896 at the Ros River remind of his household management now.

The Pottery Art Museum was founded in Novoselivka (Haisynskiy district) in the estate owned by the brothers Yakiv and Yakym Herasymenko, who were outstanding potters in our region. The main part of the collection make the works by the Herasymenko brothers, M. Babak, F. Mishchenko, T. Shpak. The museum was founded in 1988. Bubnivka pottery is displayed there. 

According to the records, the first settlement in the Novoselivka area appeared in the 16th century. The Pototskies family owned it. 

In the 17th century there were the first records about Bubnivka pottery. In the village the people mostly produced the pottery: plates, pots, pipkins etc. They also produced the ceramics for construction (and from the 17th century — round glazed tiles). Especially the craftsmen liked to make ceramic toys and small items (icons, crosses etc.)

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