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Memorial Museums of Vinnytsya Region
05.07.2014, 18:06

There are several memorial museums to outstanding Ukrainians who were born in the Eastern Podillya. Those museums are listed in "The Podolian Pearls". 

Mykhailo Kotsiubynskiy Literary and Memorial Museum is in his parents' house in Vinnytsya. The writer's house was built by his grandfather Maxim Abaza in the 1820s. Here, on September 17, 1864, Mykhailo Kotsiubynskiy was born. In 1926 his brother, Khoma Kotsiubynskiy, initiated the foundation of the museum and became its first director. There are 9000 items in the museum funds. There are M. Kotsiubynskiy's works, published at his life-time; his translated works, archive materials, the items of manners and customs, and a collection of Ukrainian painters' illustrations to the writer's works. 

Literary and Memorial Museum to the famous Ukrainian prosaist and dramatist Mykhailo Stelmakh (1912-1983) was founded in 1989 in Dyakivtsi village, Litynskiy district, where the writer was born. In the museum, there are 6 exposition halls and the writer's memorial study. 

The fund collection includes about 600 items. In the museum collection there is the writer's personal stuff, documents, pictures, films and video, souvenirs, the things his family used at home, furniture and books from Stelmakh's personal library, and various editions of his works. 

In May an annual literary and artistic event "The Large Family" takes place there to celebrate the writer s birthday, and memorial days to Mykhailo Stelmakh. 

The visitors are welcome to see the territory of the writer's memorial estate (total area is 0,5 hectares) with his parents' house, a wooden barn, a garden and a plot. 

The worldwide famous microbiologist and epidemiologist Danylo Zabolotniy (1866-1929) was born in Chobotarka village (Zabolotne) in Kryzhopilskiy district. In 1930 a museum was founded there, in the territory of the scientist's parents' estate (1.25 hectares). There is a house where D. Zabolotniy was born and lived. The museum collection includes over 2000 items: D. Zabolotniy's and his wife's personal stuff, the scientist's scripts and his published works, medical instruments, personal library (798 books), collections of minerals, tortoises and insects. 

The life of a famous musician M. Leontovych (1877-1921) was closely connected with Podillya. He was a conductor and composer, his "Shchedryk" has been played in concert halls of many countries all over the world. M. Leontovych Museum was founded in his birth-place, Markivka village, Teplytskiy district, in December, 1977. It was the composer's 100th birthday anniversary then. 

The composer lived in Tulchyn in 1908- 1921. In 1977 the M. Leontovych Apartment Museum (Tulchyn) was founded there. It is a subsidiary of the Tulchyn Local Lore Museum.

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