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Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky in Brayiliv
06.07.2014, 18:06

Brayiliv is one of the most ancient settlements in Podillya. Out of all monuments in the city, the most famous one is the Saint Trinity Nunnery (the 18th cent.) under Ukrainian Orthodox Church, and an architectural monument of the 19th century - Piotr Illich Tchaikovsky and Countess von Meck Museum. The biggest building in old Brayiliv is a former parish Catholic Church, dedicated to Trinity (1879).

P. Tchaikovcky and N. von Meck Museum is located in the family palace of the von Mecks. There are about 2.000 items in the museum collection.
The palace was built in the 19th century; during the WW2 it was ruined, but repaired afterwards. A magnificient park has been kept safe partly; imposing limes and hornbeams keep the feeling of the past centuries.
The museum exposition tells about P.Tchaikovsky`s life in Brayiliv, starting from June 17, 1878, when he came here for the first time. Here he composed pieces for the violing and the piano "Remembrance of a Dear Place", and the love songs (the most famous ones are "In the Midst of a Noisy Ball", "It Was in Early Spring", "Don Juan`s Serenade"), and finished his opera "Maid of Orleans". He dedicated these pieces to Brayiliv. Especcial attention visitors pay to the "room-torch" - a former study of N. von Meck and P.Tchaikovsky. The display tells about the genius musician`s life and work. The interior includes the personal stuff of N. von Meck, presented to the museum by her descendants - furniture, musical instruments, stationary, ect. The showcases present original music editions of the 19th century. 

The Saint Trinity Nunnery (1767-1778) was built by the Catholoc Trinitarians Orden as a brick three-nave basilica with a two-tier bell-tower. Its interior was decoreted with paintings by a Vienna artist J.Pragtle in 1787 (the paintigs have not remained). In the 19th century, when the nunnery was Orthodox, the wall niches ware painted by Y.Osmolovskiy. The nunnerycells are two-storey and brick. In the 19th century the gate with secondary rooms was built. In the territory there are household buildings, a garden and plots. There are highly respected relics at the nunnery - Brayiliv Pochaiv Mother of God icon, Brayiliv Chenstokhovska Mother of Got icon, and Three-handed Mother of God icon. To worship them. thousands of piligrims from every parts of the orthodox world visit this place. At the cloister there is a shrine with relics.

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