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Sacred Places of Vinnytsya Region
05.07.2014, 03:14

In historical borders of Podillya has appeared the so-called Podolian type of buildings — three-part buildings with three cupolas on the octahedral under-cupolas. Especially valuable patterns have remained. One of such patterns is Mykhailivska Church (1764) in Dashiv, Illinetskiy district. Its architecture meets the famous characteristics of the "Cossack baroque" style. But in the 19th century some classicism annexes were added to it. In the church interior, on the walls and the cupola, there are oil paintings (the 19th - 20th cent.). In the temple there are the Podolian icons (i he 19th century).

The Saint Mother of God's Vail Temple (1778) in Katashyn, Chechelnytskiy district, is the classic "Podolian type" church of the Ukrainian baroque epoch. Ii is made of wood, and has three cupolas. Until 1887, there was a parish school al the temple. In the lemple there was a wonder-working Mother of God Icon with votive offerings brought to it by the healed people (one of the offerings is recog- nized to be of the year 1757). 

The Transfiguration of Lord Church (1661) in Polychyntsi, Kozyatynskiy district, was built in 1661, but in 1780 F. Khoyetskiy rebuilt it in the same place. In the 18th century the church was a Uniate one. It was sanctified to St. Onufriy's honour. In 1778 this church received an indulgence from Rome. 
In Vinnytsya region famous monastic orders have actively implemented missionary policy. In Vinnytska oblast there are Catholic temples and architectural complexes owned by the Dominican, Jesuit and Franciscan monks. 
The Carmelites Nunnery (the 17th cent) in Bar was founded by a churchwarden S. Zholkevskiy in 1616. That was the place where the remains of a monastery were (its name and confession is not known now). During the national liberation movement in 1648-1654 the monastery and its collegium were ruined. Later on, the wooden Roman-Catholic church and school rooms were renewed, but it existed only until the fire in 1770. In 1701 the Dominican monks started to built a brick monastery and a collegium. They made the rock foundation; the construction was finished in 1787. 
There was an Intercession monastery from the late 18th century until the early 20th cent. The bell-tower appeared here in 1908. The bell-tower, the Intercession church and the cells have remained. In 1917, a nun, Yadviga Kulesha, founded a community of Benedictine missionary sisters there. The nunnery is active now, and it is managed by the Benedictine nuns.

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