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The Wooden Church of Saint Nicholas (1746)
08.07.2014, 23:35

This wooden church is situated on the picturesque place of Vinnytsya Old Town on the higher granite plateau, over South Bug river. After the old local legend the first Orthodox Chapel for St. Nicholas was erected on this place in 13th century by two monks - Nicholas and Vladimyr. They resettled here from Kiev Pechersk Lavra (monastery). 

The older church was here many years before. Archive documents mention St. Nicholas Church in a list of 6 Orthodox churches of Vinnytsya town in 1552. It was situated a little down of the first Vinnytsya mediaeval castle, which was founded by Duke Theodor Koriatovych in the end of 14th cen.  Local history saved an information that legendary Ukrainian cossack's colonel Ivan Bogun, a companion in arms of Bogdan Khmelnytskyi, was married in church here. But that wooden church was burned by Polish Catholic army under the leadership of Chaplinsky.

Settled Ukrainian Cossacks renovated own Ukrainian Orthodox tradition and constructed new one on that same place again. The construction of this wooden church started in 1746, April 11th. And in August 31st it was consecrated already. And again it was to Saint Nicholas. Very short time in early 1770th this church was under control of Greek-Catholic Christian denomination. But in 1772 it became an Orthodox again. 

When the last Russian emperor Nicholas II travelled to Vinnytsya in 1910, he visited this church and was present on liturgy ceremony. 

At the Soviet atheistic times, local lore museum was organized here. In 1970 the church was restored. 

Vinnytsya St. Nicholas Church is a bright example of Central Ukrainian folk traditional architecture. The Church was built of chopped oak logs. Wooden construction performed without any metal nail. The bell tower is a little separate of the church. In 1905 the church was covered by metal lists. But originally old woodworkers made a wooden roof.

There is very old icon of St. Nicholas, which saved from the times of the previous church (late 16th - early 17th cen). This is an unique creation of local Ukrainian Podolian iconographers and hands. The Holy Face is looking into our hearts from the mediaeval walls, like many centuries before. 






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