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Vinnytsia & Kamianets-Podilskyi Private Tour Guides

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We can help you to plan and carry out any personalized program of your tours in Kamianets-Podilskyi - Vinnytsia [Vinnitsa] and surroundings, depending on your: 

- preferences, interests and wishes
- length of stay (from 4 hours to several days) 
- group size  
- budget
- mobility
- preferred destination to start and end the tour.
Just let us know about your time frames or travel conditions and we will help you to combine an optimal variant of excursions program.

We can help you also with transportation and any type of vehicle.

You can ask any route, or your own customized route depends of your time frames and necessities.

Transfer service: we can meet you at Kyiv,  Odessa,  Vinnytsia airports; any railway/bus station; Odessa seaport and escort you to your accommodation. You can ask any route, or your own customized route depends of your time frames and necessities.


Kamianets-Podilskyi and Vinnytsia [Vinnitsa] region has a good geographic position, its nature is beautiful, the climate is moderate. Therefore, in the past it attracted those who could invest money into the estates development, and could invite famous architects or the experts on the landscape architecture. At that time the life was very active in the Podolian estates. They were owned by the famous Polish, Russian, Lithuanian and Ukrainian families. In the towns and villages there were large libraries, where the world's rarities could be found; artistic collections included the works of the outstanding European masters; the music, composed by the European celebrities, could be heard at the concerts. Of course, there are not many parks and palaces in Vinnytsya region now, after the period of the estates decay. Still, there are real pearls among them.


Vinnytsia Sights and Destinations:

-Adolf Hitler's "Wehrwolf" Headquarters, 1942-1944 (Führerhauptquartier Wehrwolf)

-Hermann Goering Headquarters (Göring's Feldkommandostelle "Steinbruch"), 1942

-Doctor Nicholas (Nikolay) Pirogov National Estate Museum

-The Wooden Church of Saint Nicholas (1746)

-Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky in Brayiliv, Vinnytsya Region

-Count Potocki Family Palace - an Architectural Monument of the 18th cen

-Countess Maria Shcherbatova Palace in Nemyriv

-The Estate of Grokholsky - Mozhaisky

-Vitoslavskies-Lvovs' Palace

-Shargorod: Orthodox, Catholic, Jewish, Muslim Sights. Historical and Cultural Centre of Spirituality and Harmony

-Memorial Museums of Vinnytsya Region

-Historic and Ethnographic Monuments of Vinnytsya Region

-Natural Monuments of Vinnytsya Region

-The Saint Cutting Off Rock Monastery, the 11th Century

-Sacred Places of Vinnytsya Region

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